Channels not used on GB7MB

Hi folks ..   I Hope you’re all doing okay now after we had a tiny reshuffle on GB7MB. Here’s a few channels that i see in various codeplugs occasionally, but they can be safely deleted now. They may be named slightly different in your codeplug though.. but they are generally Read More

A change of slot..

Well, after local users being locked out of the local repeater due to non-local traffic tying up both slots, a decision was taken, after considering the facts, to drop a busy DMR-MARC talkgroup from slot 2. The talkgroup dropped was ‘Uk wide’,  ID 235. But fear not local people, UK Read More

Countdown to GB7MB

It should be all systems go this evening, as we expect just after 8pm this evening to be setting up GB7MB from it’s site – although it will not be in it’s own shack proper – that will come later, as will the Andrews Heliax feeder & the bit of Read More

GB7MB Talkgroup config

Important Talkgroup information below: These are subject to change, as DMR-MARC and GB7MB evolve Use only these Talkgroups. TG 8 roaming with HM,PN, and LP will be available (very) soon, All colour code 1 Timeslot 1 TG 1 – Worldwide calling TG 2 – European QSOs TG 13 – Worldwide Read More

Programming up for GB7MB (again)

GB7MB frequencies are listed on the UK repeaters web site, and they’re here too. The repeater transmits on 439.700 – and listens for you on 430.700. Program your transceiver accordingly: Transmit:        430.700 Receive on:      439.700 colour code:     1 Talkgroup :       9  only (for now) For testing, we will use the Read More

GB7MB gets NOV

  GB7MB gets NOV for 439.700… We will be hoping to get it on-air ASAP – and hopefully DMR-MARC connected soon after. watch here or our Twitter feed for upcoming News and Updates

Nearly there …

GB7MB has disappeared off the frequency requests section of the ETCC website and it appears the NOV has been issued stating “Date of NoV ISSUE/Request for ISSUE: 8 Jan 2015 Date of NoV Expiry: 31 Mar 2017” so just waiting for confirmation. The below link will change when the NOV Read More

GB7MB Repeater ordered

Today, The repeater – a Motorola MotoTRBO DR3000 UHF repeater was ordered from Our Good friends at Ham DMR who gave us the best deal. Thankyou Adam.   HamDMR’s website is at at The GB7MB Group are watching the ETCC website for any movement regarding the license for GB7MB, though Read More

NEWS: GB7MB Repeater: Update –

The GB7MB repeater group have started looking to purchase the required UHF Motorola DR3000 repeater. Sources indicate that GB7MB may indeed appear (in some form) on the 70cms band over the Christmas period. When the license arrives, please do not expect GB7MB to be on-air immediately, nor available 24/7,  or Read More