Channels not used on GB7MB

Hi folks ..   I Hope you’re all doing okay now after we had a tiny reshuffle on GB7MB. Here’s a few channels that i see in various codeplugs occasionally, but they can be safely deleted now. They may be named slightly different in your codeplug though.. but they are generally Read More

A change of slot..

Well, after local users being locked out of the local repeater due to non-local traffic tying up both slots, a decision was taken, after considering the facts, to drop a busy DMR-MARC talkgroup from slot 2. The talkgroup dropped was ‘Uk wide’,  ID 235. But fear not local people, UK Read More

Programming up for GB7MB (again)

GB7MB frequencies are listed on the UK repeaters web site, and they’re here too. The repeater transmits on 439.700 – and listens for you on 430.700. Program your transceiver accordingly: Transmit:        430.700 Receive on:      439.700 colour code:     1 Talkgroup :       9  only (for now) For testing, we will use the Read More

New Codeplugs uploaded

Thanks to Ashley M6GYT for spending the time to upload much needed codeplugs for the Kirisun DP770 and the BFDX TD-501 .  Check the Codeplug Forum section. I added links to the software also. I added a CPS 11 UHF DP3600 DMR-MARC codeplug also.

Decode DMR with an SDR !

So – you’ve bit the big one and bought a USB SDR – but how to decode some digital then ? I’m no expert, but here’s a brief introduction to getting started SDR’ing – and maybe – just maybe it’ll work for you too. I’ve put a so239 on a Read More

DMR-MARC live status pages..

Not news, but very useful all the same, there are a few websites which list, in real-time, who is on the DMR-MARC network, and on which repeater. here are two of the most often used ones. It’s all pretty self explanatory, suffice it to say, the green or red bargraph Read More

Operating on a DMR-MARC repeater .. some basic notes.

Most, but not all UK DMR-MARC  repeaters are connected to the global DMR-MARC Network and not every DMR-MARC Repeater has all the same  Talkgroups  available, in fact it’s up to the repeater keeper which talkgroups they wish to carry.  As you look at the list of possible talkgroups  it is Read More