GB7MB still on-air, but we use P25 & HF SSB 28.495

The demise of DMR in the area has seen a resurgence of a few of the locals go back to 10m SSB instead.  We have been using 28.495 USB (on and off) for over 10 years now, with a briefflirt with DMR in between when we put GB7MB on air.  Activity Read More

GB7UZ off-air

As most DMR locals may have noticed, GB7UZ is off-air and there is no way of knowing if it will ever return.So It isn’t your radio – the repeater is gone.

A Thankyou ..

To everyone that came to visit us at Blackpool rally yesterday and very kindly surprised us with donations, we’d like to say a big Thankyou to You all, and also of course, to Everyone who has supported us this far, either with donations, equipment, time or other assistance along the way,. even just by joining Read More

Chinese CS700 hardware manufacturer..

I wondered where the original Chinese manufacturer of these CS700 sets was hiding.. so it appears that this is them (apparently)   here is their site..   How true it is, i can’t tell. interesting though all the same… unless you know better – in which case, write in Read More

Service interruption.

Week commencing Monday the 9th There may be some network interruption on the repeater this week, as we swap over equipment and upgrade the internet connection. There may also be some down time on Tuesday afternoon as some electrical work is undertaken at the site.

Planned work.

GB7MB may suffer from a few interruptions today as a few adjustments are made. It may also be disconnected from the network so that we can upgrade some of the equipment. This could last until quite late this evening.

GB7MB now live

We are pleased to say that GB7MB is now active and connected the DMR-MARC network.

No NOV in 2014

Well the powers that be have now finished for the year, ending any expectation of GB7MB getting on air  before the new year. So the repeater will have to remain on the test bench a little longer. So it is time to wish all our members and visitors a happy Read More