How to become a member.

Some features of the site, such as downloads and forums require a user to be logged in. We have disabled the register function on the site for the time being, until we can find a effective way to stop the spammers and hackers. However if you would like to become a member it is quite simple. Just send a email to requesting membership. You will need to supply your callsign, which will be your username and a valid email so that you can receive your password. The password can be changed once you login, this is recommended.

Being a Amateur radio site i do not think it unreasonable  to ask that members use their callsign, After all we should be proud to use it. If you do not have a callsign please request a SWL identity.

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    • Thanks!! Codeplugs USA Hams are basically non-existent, so I’m gonna use yours as a starting point to make sure I’ve got all the details for the channel setup tied together correctly.


  1. thanks in advance, for entry to the site very interesting for DMR and other…
    73 de IW2DFU op. Giancarlo

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