New DMR Users – a note about RX group lists ..

I’ve seen several MotoTrbo codeplugs come my way with multiple Talkgroups listed in the RX Group List.  A recent Post by Karl on North West DMR  reminded me of this stupid and pointless practice that i’ve seen, I’m mainly putting this out there for new users who start are starting programming codeplugs.

You can only transmit on one Talkgroup at a time (apart from the ‘AllCall’ group of which more, later)  – but you have the ability to recieve any one of up to 15 Talkgroups.. sounds good, until you realise that if you are using something like Talkgroup 9 on a DMR-MARC repeater, the only traffic you will be expecting or interested in, is also going to be on  Talkgroup 9  – you wouldn’t listen to the next channel up for a response on FM would you ? or you wouldn’t open your IF passband right up and so you heard the rest of the channels on the band would you ? so why do that on a DMR repeater ?   You would likely get confused  (i certainly would) –  if you were talking on s22 but you heard a QSO on s19 just like it was on ‘your s22 channel’ does that make sense ?  NO !

I Imagine that much of the confusion this practice *does cause* are one of the main reasons for talkgroup confusion, and new users being ‘told off’ for being on the ‘wrong talkgroup’  Yes you might receive the right talkgroup *as well* but you won’t easily know who is responding to your call unless you see the correct talkgroup pop up when some other voice pops out of the speaker at you.. it could be someone at the other side of the planet talking to someone else, and they won’t hear you and, worse still, if you are scanning (depending on how you set your scan list) and the set stops on a channnel that has one of these unwanted spare talkgroups in the RX group list and you TX back  – the chances are You Will be TXing on the wrong TG and possibly not notice until you look down at your set’s display, or someone complains, so you see its a ridiculous state of affairs, yet these faulty codeplugs still crop up. don’t use them, or if you do, tidy up the RX Group list properly.  All RX group lists in codeplugs downloaded from this site have single entries in the RX Group list..

If you get a codeplug given, check the RX group lists have only one entrythe same as the TX talkgroup only !


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