Channels not used on GB7MB

Hi folks ..   I Hope you’re all doing okay now after we had a tiny reshuffle on GB7MB.
Here’s a few channels that i see in various codeplugs occasionally, but they can be safely deleted now.
They may be named slightly different in your codeplug though.. but they are generally named something similar.
You probably don’t have these channels programmed in, (a good thing)  but if you do – its prob best to delete them.

UK wide 235 on slot 2  –  this needs to go. It’s not used.
North America – Tg 3 (either slot)  this needs to go too..
Worldwide English on slot 2 – this needs to go also.


You should only have:

Talkgroup slot commonly called / named in CPS
Talkgroup 1 slot 1 Worldwide calling & very short QSOs
Talkgroup 2 slot 1 inter – European QSO
Talkgroup 9 slot 1 Local channel (secondary, backup used for local QSOs only if s2 in use)
Talkgroup 13 slot 1 WW English,   English Worldwide,   Eng WW,   WW Eng 13
Talkgroup 235 slot 1 UK Wide     UK Wide 235



and slot 2 talkgroups: below:



Talkgroup 8 slot 2 Roaming (Northwest UK with HM, PN LP and NM)
Talkgroup 9 slot 2 Local QSO channel (Main)


This little move around is to free up slot 2 and move the non-local stuff over to slot 1, helping to stop users getting the busy signal when they TX sometimes..  You may still get the busy signal occasionally, but its either just the repeater giving its callsign.. on FM  (yes, it does this)  or its us testing roaming, which is not fully implemented on GB7MB  yet.
There will be an article about roaming on TG8 on here, when it is enabled and tested.


All work, text and images © GB7MB

A change of slot..

Well, after local users being locked out of the local repeater due to non-local traffic tying up both slots, a decision was taken, after considering the facts, to drop a busy DMR-MARC talkgroup from slot 2.
The talkgroup dropped was ‘Uk wide’,  ID 235.

But fear not local people, UK wide has not gone from GB7MB – it’s still there, but it’s on slot 1 instead. so please discontinue 235 slot 2 use, (because it wont go anywhere) and fire up your MotoTRBO CPS or CS700 software, and in the UK wide entry, change the drop down to ‘repeater slot 1‘ instead of 2.  Users concerned about whether this will still allow inter-UK contacts need not worry, as many other UK DMR repeaters now are changing their UK wide (235) to slot 1 as well, thus ensuring its continuation, while allowing more local slot 2 talkgroups to be almost always free for locals, instead of before, when inbetween overs, TG 235 could rudely jump in to your QSO and effectively elbow you off slot 2 if you politely left  ‘too long’ a courtesy gap.

Also GB7MB carries talkgroup 8 now, (on slot 2) talkgroup 8 is a special ‘roaming’ talkgroup and this, in effect, links GB7MB up with other local repeaters GB7HM,  GB7LP,  GB7PN and GB7NM and shortly this talkgroup will prove to be very useful indeed for the NorthWest of the UK. example codeplugs and tutorials will appear on this website in due course.

Roaming will allow you to drive from up in Cumbria (say), down through this area, down around Manchester, over to Liverpool and much of North Wales without you changing channel – it is automatic, all done in your rig by comparing repeaters ‘roaming beacon’ signal strengths, and switching channels for you accordingly.

Regional talkgroups are important, and the more use that can be made of them, the better, as it reduces traffic on wider area talkgroups, like UK wide, as DMR is essentially a 2 RF channel system, proper and logical assignment of talkgroups & slots is a must if we are to keep the advantages brought to us by TDMA.

Further changes in the UK are likely, as DMR is quite a new thing to amateur radio, and it’s useage will continue to grow, and some talkgroups will turn out to be good ideas, some not, and the hiccups that will surely follow, certainly make this area of the hobby quite interesting.

In the MotoTRBO CPS and CS700 simply change UK wide to repeater slot 1


slotty cs


All work, text and images © GB7MB

IMPORTANT: poss firmware bug MotoTRBO 2.4 – random reboots in scan mode

It’s becoming apparent that there may be a firmware bug in MotoTRBO firmware 2.4 for Gen2 radios (DM4xx DP4xxx series) Obviously it will not show itself on all sets for all users, nor in the exact same way.

The error seems to show up as random reboots while the set is in scan mode – also unusual random flickering of the green RX LED is noticed too – suggestions that it may be connected to a mixed mode scan are still being tested by a number of UK Amateurs.     For what it’s worth, I would personally suggest if you notice these random reboots to perhaps comment on this site or on the UK Digital Amateurs Facebook Group or perhaps on the DMR Digital Mobile Radio page by Don VA3XPR or here on the excellent site and all-round place of knowledge a recent thread about it on the P25 forums 


Countdown to GB7MB

It should be all systems go this evening, as we expect just after 8pm this evening to be setting up GB7MB from it’s site – although it will not be in it’s own shack proper – that will come later, as will the Andrews Heliax feeder & the bit of mast work that is needed.

Either way, we will be driving down to Heysham in a couple of hours, hoping for a successful installation. We will have tweaks and alterations to do soon, as we begin improvements at the site, and make preperations for project 2.

TG (talkgroup) 8 roaming will appear on GB7MB shortly, enabling users to roam freely between GB7LP in Liverpool, GB7HM in Caergywrie (near Wrexham) and GB7PN in Prestatyn.
This will be announced on here, Twitter and the Facebook group as soon as it is online.

Hopefully we will hear you tonight, or very soon on GB7MB


GB7MB Talkgroup config

Important Talkgroup information below:
These are subject to change, as DMR-MARC and GB7MB evolve
Use only these Talkgroups. TG 8 roaming with HM,PN, and LP will be available (very) soon,

All colour code 1
Timeslot 1

TG 1 – Worldwide calling
TG 2 – European QSOs
TG 13 – Worldwide English Language QSOs
TG 235 – UK wide

Timeslot 2

TG 8 – Roaming
TG 9 – Local

Programming up for GB7MB (again)

GB7MB frequencies are listed on the UK repeaters web site, and they’re here too.
The repeater transmits on 439.700 – and listens for you on 430.700.

Program your transceiver accordingly:
Transmit:        430.700
Receive on:      439.700
colour code:     1
Talkgroup :       9  only (for now)

For testing, we will use the standard DMR-MARC   ‘Local Talkgroup’, Talkgroup 9 slot 2,
and, until posted on the GB7MB Facebook GroupGB7MB’s Twitter feed and the GB7MB pages

We ask you to only use Talkgroup 9 for all operations until all Talkgroups are published in these places.

When on-air, please note No Private calls will be allowed. however, Text messaging is allowed


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