Using QCII signalling to generate a 1750hz toneburst on a MotoTrbo set

It’s seldom needed these days, but there are still some repeaters requiring a 1750hz toneburst (remember those ?) here’s a trick i use to make my DM4600’s generate a 1750hz tone.. it’s pretty simple, so here’s a quick ‘How To’

No claims of originality are made for this tip, but it’s much more flexible than pre-programming a 5-tone signalling FM channel from the offing, as you’re stuck then, and this enables you to TX a 1750hz tone whatever FM freq you are on, and from within the DM4600’s menu, (or mic if you have the IMPRES mic) by easily sending a QC II signal – all we do here is set it to 1750hz

In the CPS – under signalling systems, find QC II – here i renamed mine to “QC1750”


in the right-hand column – here’s what i have it set as, it’s set at basically the defaults anyway.
It’s not too important anyway for our purposes..





Right, now scroll down to ” Contacts ”



I renamed it to 1750 – Then, in the right-hand pane, set it something like this – changing ‘ Tone A freq (hz) to 1750. There won’t be a valid QCII code for 1750, but so what ! You can decide what duration to set too, you can try short, i can’t remember why i chose long as it shows here,




i did this in 2013 so i don’t remember.

Anyway, now that’s done, check your work (and mine!) – and write your codeplug back.
All you need to do now to annoy people with 1750hz is to call up your DM4600/4800 menu.. go into “contacts”, then select “QCII” then “1750” and press buttons – you will see the spinny round thing on the menu, and the rig will TX a 1750hz tone burst

Apologies for any mistakes (if you see them,) and if it doesn’t work, blame my bad memory.


Join our IRC chat server

Here is a web link to out IRC chat server – clicking the link will bring you to a page where you see a box showing you some info, and we ask you to just change the 3rd entry down – where it says
Username: guest-  – just type something in instead of guest and you’ll be in.

There’s people who stay logged in all day, every day, for months, and then there’s some who just pop in occasionally.

We at GB7MB usually are logged in 24/7 – but we may be out of the shack, busy, or if its mealtime or night times people may not see you log in,  so we suggest you don’t just log in, and expect a instant reply, then quit if you dont get an immediate response !

GB7MB’s Trbo chat (Web version)

Android clients are simple and free, Here’s a couple we have used.

AndChat Free, simple and works very well.
TurboIRC  Good name ! – works well with our IRC of course.

on IOS, well, much less choice, but here are free IRC apps for the iPhone:

Mango Lite free IRC chat client   Worked well.
TurboChat IRC  Yes, i think its possibly the same Guy who made the Android one.

If you want IRC on your Windows PC try these:
Hex Chat free simple, easy, prob the best Windows one.

IceChat free, solid and very configurable. takes a bit more tweaking. i find the UI a bit ‘messy’

Mac OS X  (well, there’s only one you should use, and its superb)

Xchat Aqua and xchat Azure free a superb free  version on xchat – works on Leopard right up to Yosemite.

check your distro’s repo.  on Ubuntu based distro’s  open a terminal and type
me$   sudo apt-get install xchat
add your password and go for it. or use your package manager.

All the info you need to fill in is :
server name:
channel:          #trbo
port:                  6667

But we recommend you connect securely usung SSL on port 6697
you will need to ‘accept invalid SSL certificates’

this is not a security risk, as its a self-signed certificate, (not actually invalid)


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