IMPORTANT: poss firmware bug MotoTRBO 2.4 – random reboots in scan mode

It’s becoming apparent that there may be a firmware bug in MotoTRBO firmware 2.4 for Gen2 radios (DM4xx DP4xxx series) Obviously it will not show itself on all sets for all users, nor in the exact same way.

The error seems to show up as random reboots while the set is in scan mode – also unusual random flickering of the green RX LED is noticed too – suggestions that it may be connected to a mixed mode scan are still being tested by a number of UK Amateurs.     For what it’s worth, I would personally suggest if you notice these random reboots to perhaps comment on this site or on the UK Digital Amateurs Facebook Group or perhaps on the DMR Digital Mobile Radio page by Don VA3XPR or here on the excellent site and all-round place of knowledge a recent thread about it on the P25 forums 


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