Embrace and extend .. GB7MB is hoping for a friend called GB7UZ

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s has been said before about GB7MB, the primary motivation for our repeater was (is) to enable handheld and mobile DMR comms ’round the area, and we’re more than aware that there are a few ‘black spots’ in coverage around the morecambe and Lancaster town centres, so, in a bid to aid filling in these coverage blackspots, an application has been made for GB7UZ.

The GB7UZ repeater will of course be on UHF and will link slot 2 TG9 permanently with MB. The proposed site will be in Lancaster and the antenna will be a yagi pointing North-West over towards Lancaster City Centre and out towards Morecambe, it is hoped this will provide the required feild strength in the required areas, and enable and improve handheld and mobile coverage in the blackspots, as plots have been made and tests will continue to be done as we progress.
As always, watch this space… further updates will follow as and when, and you can also check progress on UK Repeaters


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