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The site is owned and maintained by Paul 2E0DXO and was used for a joint DMR repeater project funded and run by myself, Mark G0YNM and Paul G4TUZ. Due to the unreliability of access to the repeater site we had to shut it down. However there was quite a lot of useful information on the site, so i have decided to leave it all in place.

Most of the articles are written by Mark, and i hope he will continue to add content according to his current interests. I myself find his style of writing quite informative, and he has wide knowledge of many things.

As for the future of the site, i will be using it for more personal use, but it will still mainly be Amateur radio and electronics based. I will retain the membership aspect for certain parts of the site, but membership will remain free, and be advert free, and we collect no data other than what is needed for  the site to function.

Old statement

The site and GB7MB is the project of 3 local Amateurs from Morecambe and Lancaster. That is Paul G4TUZ, Marc G0YNM and Paul 2E0DXO. There is no repeater group or committee’s. We hope that all local operators will benefit from the repeater once it is up and running. All the decisions will be made over a bottle of scotch, and if there is any disagreement between the three of us, it will be decided by a vote, with the majority of 2 winning and the loser will sent to the corner with a Malibu.

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  1. hi I will be traveling to the iom later this month .
    could you please supply a upto date info list of tg’s in use on gb7mb
    thanks in advance de rickie gm1ply

  2. Hi James, the answer is yes. Marc G0YNM is probably the man to ask. I think he said only in Linux at the moment. Sorry i can’t be more helpful, hopefully Marc will respond.

  3. Hi, I have the sdr rtl box, it works fine through my windows laptop, can anyone help me to install something to decode digital comms? I’m totally computer illiterate so I’d be more than happy to drop my laptop off with the right person to sort it for me. I will pay for time. I’m in Southport. Morecambe is only an hours drive for me

    • Its a little late Michael here, as I took a break from DMR and this site.
      I hope you got RTL-SDR running okay.

  4. Hi Gents, Great site, and a lot of great information.
    I have been trying to gain access to some of your content, but appears to be only availble after login. I would be grateful to be permitted to join, as I am learning DMR, and programming my (damm) DM4600 and DP4800, without much luck. I was very happy to find your page on the programming cable, made one and worked, yeah.
    I was hoping to try one of your code-plugs, and see if it works.
    Regards Kevin, ZL1KFM.

  5. Hii tried to unpack the Tetra software i’m asked for a password
    I tried MBARS but that doesn’t work
    Help me please
    with regards Rob

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