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The site and GB7MB is the project of 3 local Amateurs from Morecambe and Lancaster. That is Paul G4TUZ, Marc G0YNM and Paul 2E0DXO. There is no repeater group or committee’s. We hope that all local operators will benefit from the repeater once it is up and running. All the decisions will be made over a bottle of scotch, and if there is any disagreement between the three of us, it will be decided by a vote, with the majority of 2 winning and the loser will sent to the corner with a Malibu.

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  1. hi I will be traveling to the iom later this month .
    could you please supply a upto date info list of tg’s in use on gb7mb
    thanks in advance de rickie gm1ply

  2. Hi James, the answer is yes. Marc G0YNM is probably the man to ask. I think he said only in Linux at the moment. Sorry i can’t be more helpful, hopefully Marc will respond.

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