Armchair stormchasing & webcam links

I think most Hams are interested in thunderstorms and weather, so here are a few links here if you’re interested.

Met Office Observations
  Might as well start with the UK Met Office.  This link is centred on GB7MB and ‘LIGHTNING’ – but of course you can drag or search any part of the UK and set it for rain or whatever by clicking on the ‘cog wheel’ and selecting the weather type you are interested in. The lightning is live and is triangulated via a very well established network of sensors, apparently.

Lightning Maps
 A European wide real time lightning display.

Much the same as the European display above, You can’t drag the map like on LightningMaps, but the noise of the lightning as it strikes is remeniscent of an old Geiger counter if there’s a storm on..

Webcam Taxi
Not a storm site, but a streaming video site, with some really great cameras from many parts of the world. There are full video, not flickery updating photographs. Some have sound.

Much the same cams as above.

Severe Studios USA
No, it’s not a dominatrix site, it’s a North American Storm chasing site.
Live maps from the storm chasers vehicles and full streaming video from inside the vehicles whilst hunting, travelling to and chasing severe weather in North America. 
Some are professionals working for News stations or weather centers, some are science estalishments or groups or individuals.
Be aware that in some parts of the country these storm chasers get into, their 4G or mobile data signal can get broken and disappear for seconds, minutes or completely !

Live Storm Chasing
Similar idea to the above website, seems less busy at times, but it’s a different group and different organization, well worth keeping an eye on too.

UK full video webcams

There are more, but UK webcams seem to come and go regularly, some don’t re-appear,
these are working as on Mid June 2019    Expect interruptions or outages, as most folks don’t take webcams oo seriously any more.

Arnside Pier  Live Webcam 

Bracklesham Bay   (West Sussex)

Brighton Runway webcam 

Bristol Surfcam

Dawlish (Devon)

Derbyshire (Nr Buxton)

Great Yarmouth

Hastings Pier

Haverford West

Hoylake (Wirral)

Bognor Regis Pier

Langland Bay (S. Wales)

Blackpool Promenade

Dover Beach (Kent)

Camsecure UK    a clickable map with a few streaming video cams in different areas of the UK

Oxford School 

Pembroke sea front

Polzeath beach (Cornwall)

Port Isaac Harbour (Cornwall)

Portpatrick (Dumfries & Galloway)

Various Shetland Isles cameras

Shropshire sailing club

Streamdays UK

Surfcheck UK beaches

Anglesey beach

Southampton – New Holmwood Hotel on the Solent

Some Golf Course in Scotland

Berwickshire, Scotland

Banbury Cross

Weymouth B&B Dorset coast

Whitstable Yacht Club


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