After GB7MB

Although we have seen the demise of the GB7MB DMR repeater, the site itself is not going anywhere. I am hopeful that Hax will continue to add the odd posts as he as always done so. I personally feel he has a excellent way of passing his knowledge on. Locally we are still served by GB7MP thanks to Dave, which caters for both DMR and P25 digital modes. I shall however be diversifying the site to cover more of my other hobbies as well. The only reason for this is to justify my continuing funding of the site. If you are a member and wish to be removed from the site due to these changes just drop me a quick note to admin(at) and i will remove you.

Regards to all



Service interruption.

Week commencing Monday the 9th

There may be some network interruption on the repeater this week, as we swap over equipment and upgrade the internet connection. There may also be some down time on Tuesday afternoon as some electrical work is undertaken at the site.

Planned work.

GB7MB may suffer from a few interruptions today as a few adjustments are made. It may also be disconnected from the network so that we can upgrade some of the equipment. This could last until quite late this evening.

GB7MB now live

We are pleased to say that GB7MB is now active and connected the DMR-MARC network.

No NOV in 2014

Well the powers that be have now finished for the year, ending any expectation of GB7MB getting on air  before the new year. So the repeater will have to remain on the test bench a little longer.

So it is time to wish all our members and visitors a happy Christmas, and a good new year. We hope everyone enjoys there holiday.

Server maintainence

Saturday 20th September 2014 will see the site down for a few hours while our server is relocated. I would advise that even if you can get on the site Saturday, do not make any posts. Hopefully this change to a new data centre will improve things behind the scenes. I will post a update once the relocation and testing is complete.

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Weather station


weather station
weather station

We have now installed a weather station at the GB7MB site. This can be found at until we manage to get the links up on the site.

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Site has been reset

Due to the site being compromised, and there only being a few registered members we have decided to start from scratch. Hopefully this will give us the chance to sort things out. It will take us sometime to get things working and to add the downloads back. I can only apologize for the inconvenience this  has caused our members. I hope that when the time is right you will decide to re-join us. No data was compromised and the intrusion was detected within a few minutes.

We will of course post any updates on the application for GB7MB as we get them.

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