TAC-9 logos for Motorola DP4800 / DM4600


Just because i was a bit bored, i thought i’d trim our TAC-9 logo’s and see how they would look as a startup bmp for the MotoTrbo sets.
The portable ones are a bit stretched out to fill the (little) screen the HTs have. They’re quite fetching i think.
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MB and UZ last heard lists

We were asked by some folks at Blackpool rally to add a few links to the last heard pages, the web pages where you can see who’s been using the repeater and what their rough signal quality was like into them.
So here we are, First link is to the Phoenix last heard list for GB7MB:

GB7MB Last heard list   (these links open in a new browser tab)
and GB7UZ below,
GB7UZ Last heard list

So .. Hope that helps..

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some codeplugs retired, and and an updated CS700 codeplug for GB7UZ and GB7MB

We are in the process of moving some old codeplugs we had on the site into an ‘archive’ or ‘retired’ section, as since they were uploaded, the DMR landscape in the UK has changed. They may have incorrect or not used anymore talkgroups, i spotted one or two CS700 ones with errors, so i strongly advise you not to use these, unless you want to see how DMR has changed since they were uploaded, and we have a new, hopefully easier, download system on the site, so all the codeplugs will magically re-appear in there soon.

Some of the ‘retired’ codeplugs still contain huge amounts of valuable data, like FM repeaters, contact lists and many simplex frequencies that you can still drag over into your current MotoTRBO CPS, but the DMR repeater Talkgroups have changed massively, most, (but not all) Phoenix talkgroups on other Phoenix DMR repeaters generally follow the ones we carry on GB7MB and GB7UZ, talkgroups such as the old American slot1 and uk wide slot2 and other unused stuff should be removed.

Anyway, here is an updated CS 700 Codeplug for GB7MB and GB7UZ users.
There are no other DMR repeaters programmed in.
It is here mainly for testing purposes, and i request feedback of any errors you may notice.
Please bear in mind i do not own a CS 700 to test this codeplug on, so please do expect errors and differences, and bear this in mind whilst submitting errors for inclusion into the proper finished version, which i will re-check in a month or two.

It is up to you to fill in your DMR ID and assign buttons etc. to your liking.

Please (ALWAYS) back up your current codeplug and take a look at the MBARS test CS700 codeplug before you write it to your radio, and adjust it to your needs, like side buttons and your ID. You can then use it after that, but most users will want to customise it and add a few extra channels of their own. There are DMR simplex and FM simplex channels, local FM repeaters and, of course GB7UZ and GB7MB.  FM channels are all 12.5kc, and there are basic scanlists set up.

I cannot find any way to re-order the channels in their zones, as i am pretty unfamiliar with the (dreadful) CS700 programming software, I hope someone out there knows how to and, either tells me, or submits or uploads a re-ordered and tweaked codeplug. I’m pretty much a CS700 newb !

Notes to fellow codepluggers, on Phoenix DMR repeaters in the UK, there is NO UK wide on slot 2, the long time gone North America Talkgroup is no more, it was spotted in several codeplugs, but as that TG disappeared before GB7MB got on air, i thought it should be made clear. TG8 roaming is no more either. The more efficient User activated Talkgroups  made this moot. The full list of our Talkgroups are listed on this site, plainly and simply, and they are the same for GB7UZ nd GB7MB, there are no ‘secret’ or undocumented talkgroups. talkgroup9 slot 2 (local) is called TAC-9 now because it is linked between UZ and MB.

We hope this helps, as i say, i do not have a CS 700 to test this codeplug, so please do not complain of any errors or omissions, instead, just drop us a message on here, or better still, upload your fixed CS 700 codeplug, saying what you fixed, (but lets not have any non Amateur frequencies though), so let’s help each another in the true spirit of the hobby 🙂

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Embrace and extend .. GB7MB is hoping for a friend called GB7UZ

ols set
s has been said before about GB7MB, the primary motivation for our repeater was (is) to enable handheld and mobile DMR comms ’round the area, and we’re more than aware that there are a few ‘black spots’ in coverage around the morecambe and Lancaster town centres, so, in a bid to aid filling in these coverage blackspots, an application has been made for GB7UZ.

The GB7UZ repeater will of course be on UHF and will link slot 2 TG9 permanently with MB. The proposed site will be in Lancaster and the antenna will be a yagi pointing North-West over towards Lancaster City Centre and out towards Morecambe, it is hoped this will provide the required feild strength in the required areas, and enable and improve handheld and mobile coverage in the blackspots, as plots have been made and tests will continue to be done as we progress.
As always, watch this space… further updates will follow as and when, and you can also check progress on UK Repeaters


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