Unencrypted TETRA decode with a £6 RTL dongle.

There seems to be some interest in attemptimg to decode unencrypted TETRA witha a £6 RTL dongle, I will post my own how to perhaps later on when i get time, but all i did was read and do what it says here, and you don’t need me to re-tell Read More

Decoding DMR / P25 with the RTL SDR – an update

Setting up  SDR# (or SDRsharp) for use with an RTL dongle is the cheapest way of listening to most digital voice modes on the VHF and UHF bands, and you don’t need to know talkgroups, colour codes, slots or anything, so it’s much easier than any other method, other than forking Read More

The newbie’s guide to not sounding like a newbie.

So, your shiny new DMR radio has arrived. You’ve obtained the programming software and necessary programming lead, stuffed in a few channels and ‘hello world, here I come’. But how to wet your feet in DMR without sounding like the newbie that you are? First, DMR operation does share some Read More

The Hitchikers Guide to MotoTRBO CPS

To Quote Zaphod Beeblebrox in ” The Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy  ” (like i need to put a link to it’s Wikipedia entry) ” It’s the weird colour scheme that freaks me. Every time you try to operate one of these weird black controls, which are labelled in black Read More

How to update your contact list (Motorola)

It seems there is a little bit of confusion surrounding callsigns not being displayed in the radio’s screen.. here’s a quick ‘how to’ that may help. As for callsigns on the various monitoring websites, don’t worry too much about that for now, because DMR-MARC is doing some big changes to Read More

DM4600 audio out – the missing feature..

The DM4600 radios are very good indeed – they do a lot of things and perform well, but here’s one thing that bugs a lot of people … where is the audio out jack ? Well, of  course, there isn’t one, sorry about that.  remember these are not designed for Read More

New Codeplugs uploaded

Thanks to Ashley M6GYT for spending the time to upload much needed codeplugs for the Kirisun DP770 and the BFDX TD-501 .  Check the Codeplug Forum section. I added links to the software also. I added a CPS 11 UHF DP3600 DMR-MARC codeplug also.

Decode DMR with an SDR !

So – you’ve bit the big one and bought a USB SDR – but how to decode some digital then ? I’m no expert, but here’s a brief introduction to getting started SDR’ing – and maybe – just maybe it’ll work for you too. I’ve put a so239 on a Read More

Operating on a DMR-MARC repeater .. some basic notes.

Most, but not all UK DMR-MARC  repeaters are connected to the global DMR-MARC Network and not every DMR-MARC Repeater has all the same  Talkgroups  available, in fact it’s up to the repeater keeper which talkgroups they wish to carry.  As you look at the list of possible talkgroups  it is Read More

An audio pre-amp for wired headset use with the Motorola DM4000 series. by ‘Mot Orious’

This is a very useful article penned by Mot Orious  here at GB7MB – i only posted it  ! The circuit presented below is a simple op-amp based pre-amp to provide the necessary gain to enable a two terminal electret microphone to be used with the rear microphone input on Read More

A USB programming lead for the Motorola DM4000 series of mobile transceivers. by ‘Mot Orious’

This is another very useful article penned by Mr. Mot Orious  here at GB7MB – i only posted it. The USB programming lead for the DM4000 series is an expensive item if bought from Motorola. However construction of a home made version is not complex. You will need 1. An Read More

Get your DMR-MARC ID

If you want to use Amateur DMR-MARC repeaters, you need a ID number, its free, easy and just identifies you to the network, so go here, agree you wont use AGC (or we’ll send the boys ’round) or ARS, and its upto you what to type when it asks what Read More