Armchair stormchasing & webcam links

I think most people are interested in thunderstorms and weather, so here are a few links here if you’re interested. Here is a link to a newly created UK Thunderstorm and severe weather Facebook page,it was created as most UK storm sites on Facebook seem to be full of non Read More

TDMA – what’s that all about then ?

It’s not always obvious when you get into DMR exactly what makes DMR so ‘special’ and why everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, compared to most other types of digital voice modes, one of the coolest things about DMR over most other forms of digital voice modes is TDMA. that’s Read More

Changes are a comin’

We’re trying to diversify a little bit on MBARS here, Digital radio is just one tiny part of the whole electronics and hobby radio thing we’re all addicted to here, so we’re just mixing it up a little bit, as there’s not really enough happening in the DMR or digital Read More

TAC-9 logos for Motorola DP4800 / DM4600

Just because i was a bit bored, i thought i’d trim our TAC-9 logo’s and see how they would look as a startup bmp for the MotoTrbo sets. The portable ones are a bit stretched out to fill the (little) screen the HTs have. They’re quite fetching i think. Download>>   Read More

Why newer is not always automatically better

We offer a couple of codeplugs on MBARS here, as a sort of get-you-started thing, for anyone who gets a radio and it’s got one of those a poor or non-local codeplugs in. All of our codeplugs are checked for programming errors, but time constraints do not allow for us Read More

New DMR Users – a note about RX group lists ..

I’ve seen several MotoTrbo codeplugs come my way with multiple Talkgroups listed in the RX Group List.  A recent Post by Karl on North West DMR  reminded me of this stupid and pointless practice that i’ve seen, I’m mainly putting this out there for new users who start are starting Read More

Digital diversity !

  Here ’round the Bay area, we don’t just stick with DMR/ MotoTrbo, In fact we’re interested in all commercial digital voice modes. If you’re into getting your ‘hands dirty’ and hacking on old Motorola digital gear for fun, here’s a glimpse of what we play with on dark sunday Read More