Channels not used on GB7MB

Hi folks ..   I Hope you’re all doing okay now after we had a tiny reshuffle on GB7MB.
Here’s a few channels that i see in various codeplugs occasionally, but they can be safely deleted now.
They may be named slightly different in your codeplug though.. but they are generally named something similar.
You probably don’t have these channels programmed in, (a good thing)  but if you do – its prob best to delete them.

UK wide 235 on slot 2  –  this needs to go. It’s not used.
North America – Tg 3 (either slot)  this needs to go too..
Worldwide English on slot 2 – this needs to go also.


You should only have:

Talkgroup slot commonly called / named in CPS
Talkgroup 1 slot 1 Worldwide calling & very short QSOs
Talkgroup 2 slot 1 inter – European QSO
Talkgroup 9 slot 1 Local channel (secondary, backup used for local QSOs only if s2 in use)
Talkgroup 13 slot 1 WW English,   English Worldwide,   Eng WW,   WW Eng 13
Talkgroup 235 slot 1 UK Wide     UK Wide 235



and slot 2 talkgroups: below:



Talkgroup 8 slot 2 Roaming (Northwest UK with HM, PN LP and NM)
Talkgroup 9 slot 2 Local QSO channel (Main)


This little move around is to free up slot 2 and move the non-local stuff over to slot 1, helping to stop users getting the busy signal when they TX sometimes..  You may still get the busy signal occasionally, but its either just the repeater giving its callsign.. on FM  (yes, it does this)  or its us testing roaming, which is not fully implemented on GB7MB  yet.
There will be an article about roaming on TG8 on here, when it is enabled and tested.


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