DMR-MARC live status pages..

Not news, but very useful all the same, there are a few websites which list, in real-time,
who is on the DMR-MARC network, and on which repeater. here are two of the most often used ones. It’s all pretty self explanatory, suffice it to say, the green or red bargraph is of course signal strength, it’s not accurate, but the general thing to note, i am told about the one, there is some glitch in relation to the signal display, and in fact, the ‘3 red bars’ is actually a stronger signal into the repeater than the ‘ 5 green bars. You may want to bookmark one or two of these.

Click HERE for the Latest GB7MB activity  (This also shows your RSSI (signal) in to the GB7MB repeater)

Latest UK DMR-MARC  activity


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