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    Here is a 25w ‘MBARS’ UHF DM4600 DMR-MARC Codeplug.
    ((created using  CPS version 10.5 build 551))

    Its quite basic, but has many channels programmed in. It is laid out logically, and in zones, and is quite tidy and simple to understand.  There is no roaming set, as roaming is not in use yet in this part of the country, but it will be.  Also, our GB7MB Morecambe DMR repeater frequency is not programmed in, as the correct frequency is not known yet.

    Included are all current and planned UK DMR repeaters, where it was not possible to find a specific list of used talkgroups for some repeaters (come on keepers, post ‘em) the normal set of most frequently used talkgroups are used instead.

    The codeplug contains:
    All current and planned UK DMR repeaters, each in its own zone & scanlist
    All current (when last checked) FM repeaters & CTCSS (in one zone)
    a full zone of 433mhz in 12.5 kc steps FM
    a full zone of 438 Mhz  DMR Simplex in 12.5 kc steps – tg 9
    a full zone of 439 mhz  DMR Simplex in 12.5 kc steps -tg 9
    a zone with a few commonly used DMR simplex freq in.
    a Home Zone – which is what i put all my most used freq in. it saves changing zones often.

    QCII is set for single tone for archaic old 1750Hz toneburst boxen. Accessible through Menu/Contacts/QCII/1750 –

    The ’Morecambe 1′ and ‘Morecambe 2′ DMR simplex channels as they are becoming quite well adopted in the bay area, are also programmed in, as this is the area this codeplug is primarily designed for.

    Channel frequencies with a * instead of a decimal point denote that it is a digital channel.

    FM channels are mostly set at 25Kc (wide) – we use 12.5 narrow round here, but other repeaters around the country may be either, i don’t know, so they are set on an individual basis, and its up to you to set your local FM channels accordingly.

    Also some tweaks, errors corrected, timeouts set long, and other sanity checks.
    No non-Amateur freq are included.

    As always, if you find a bug, error, omission or suggestion, submit the details and it will be checked and then this codeplug will be updated and kept reasonably up to date. Time permitting.

    This will not write directly to your DM4600, you will have to CLONE it. always make a backup of your own codeplug first.

    Disclaimer: All codeplugs made available on this site are checked as much as possible, time and equipment permitting, and we will not be held responsible etc etc etc.. MBARS-UHF-DM4600-25w


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