GB7MB changes to new UK c-bridge


As the end of March draws nearer, so does the date for all UK DMR-MARC repeaters to switch over from the the German  SmartPTT server that we were all using, to a new British c-bridge by the Guys at 

GB7MB was swapped over to the UK c-bridge at 21:40 approx on 18 March 2015, and also talkgroup hang time was reduced back down to 1 second, as we dropped UK wide which was deprecated to slot 1 and Local TG 9 no longer needs to keep hold of slot 2 for main local usage. GB7MB users will likely have noticed no changes.

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  1. Good Morning.

    Being a simple soul, can you tell me what a ‘c-bridge’ is ?

    Thanks in anticipation of a little more enlightenment.


  2. Yes Derek, we have to describe what ‘IP site connect’ is though first, (or IPSC) which is the technology that MotoTRBO repeaters use to connect together over the internet. The IP bit is the main Internet Protocol, which is used to route and move data across networks (basically the internet ‘glue’) – and the ‘site connect’ bit is just linking several MotoTRBO repeaters up in different areas – to provide seamless coverage (roaming)
    – of course the repeaters can be *anywhere* on the planet .. with internet & electricity 🙂

    There is however, a 15 repeater limit on IPSC, so a ‘c bridge’ allows many more, effectively breaking that limit.

    But a c-bridge can do much more besides, and even allows fun things like adding humble old FM repeaters to connect in too. Unfortunately they’re quite pricey, or else we would have one sellotaped on top of GB7MB for future ‘experiments’

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