GB7MB closes down

Unfortunately, between 27th December 2019 and 28th December 2019 GB7MB will be going off-air and closing down because of site loss.

If anyone is able to offer a practical working site to relicense and host GB7MB – a UHF MotoTRBO 25w repeater, please get in touch with anyone here at

Many Thanks to everyone who supported GB7MB and kept it in operation.
This Mbars website should continue however.


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    • It’s a sad thing mate.
      GB7MB would need a new home, but it seems unlikely one will come our way.
      Thanks for supporting us Derek, It’s very much appreciated, and was great you used MB even after the local DMR bubble burst and everyone else crept back into the woodwork, so to speak.


  1. Hi, interested to see if I can help in any way as a former regular user of MB when in Lancaster. Could the repeater keeper email me?

    Richard M0RGM (not QTHR as MW0RGM)

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