GB7MB Repeater ordered

Today, The repeater – a Motorola MotoTRBO DR3000 UHF repeater was ordered from Our Good friends at Ham DMR who gave us the best deal. Thankyou Adam.   HamDMR’s website is at at

The GB7MB Group are watching the ETCC website for any movement regarding the license for GB7MB, though at the time or writing (13:21 – Friday 12th Dec 2014) no movement is expected before next week. Any and all updates will appear here first.

3 thoughts on “GB7MB Repeater ordered

  1. moto repaters like yours are about $2000 to buy in the USA.Not £2000 hey like to fleece us in the uk where they typically think a GBP =$1 As well all know dollar is not a pound!
    Also there is NO import duty for imported amateur radio equipment in the uk.But there is VAT.

    The “amateur radio dealers” in the Uk are the worst offenders.
    Are you getting the usual 2 year moto warranty with that machine?

    Unless your supplier is an authorized moto distributor or dealer, and I think HAM DMR are Not either when i contacted motorola, you may find that moto will not honour the warranty.I would check if I were you.

  2. So we buy from the good old USA $2000 + VAT lets say £1512.00, not CE marked, need to find USA CPS. No UK warranty, cost and delay to send back to USA for repair.

    Buy from HAMDMR, nice price (thanks Adam), protection in UK under Sale of Goods Act and Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. fast delivery from someone we know and trust.

    pk, maybe you were one of the other dealers hamdmr undercut or maybe not. Who can say? Either way we are happy.


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