Get some FPP on a DM4600 ?

prgm radio
Yes – FPP or ‘ Front Panel Programming ‘ is often seen in Amateur circles, generally in conversations about commercial or PMR gear. As upper-teir commercial gear is now almost all menu  driven, Amateurs often debate on how much control they have over things like frequency, CTCSS, power or whatever, without having to plug a laptop into the set to tweak it, which,  lets be fair,  could be a real pain. There is no real need for commercial users to be able to change these settings, it may even breach some laws somewhere, so consequently,  very little commercial kit has such abilities, much to the chagrin of some Amateurs.

The popular Motorola MotoTRBO DM4600  and the Dp4800  do already have some FPP features already, but hardly anyone bothers to enable it. You can’t change frequency, Talkgroup or CTCSS (yet) but it still adds a useful few tweaks to your inventory for that odd time you need them. Here’s how to do it.
In the Motorols CPS   in the global settings, up top, in the right-hand pane find Front Programming Password.

 dealer mode 22

set Mode to Dealer – and enter a password – obviously its not the Crown Jewels so i just made mine all 1′ as you see …   by the way – you cant have ‘No password’ either Then, remembering your password – save your codeplug back to your set. Now in the Menu’s, under utilities, you will see a new sub menu “Program Radio”

prgm radio

Now you click that and it will request your password.. well, numbers anyway..


we can edit some channels now

edit ch

Now you have a selection of new menu’s you never had before – here we are changing colour code —

col code

and slot


even rename them, or copy them into another zone..

ch name


And whilst you’re at it..  treat yourself to a IMPRES DTMF mic – RMN5127C and you’ll be able to switch the display to  rssi (signal strength) too – and you’ll forget its not an Amateur rig – because with 1000 channels – you might as well have a VFO -is Amateur radio moving finally into the 21st century ?  here’s hoping..


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  1. You can do the same with the DP4800.Same setup, select dealer password 12345678. The RMN 5127C is built like a tank, tough as old nails but fairly heavy. 73 Andy VK3AS

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