Get your DMR-MARC ID

If you want to use Amateur DMR-MARC repeaters, you need a ID number, its free, easy and just identifies you to the network,

so go here, agree you wont use AGC (or we’ll send the boys ’round) or ARS, and its upto you what to type when it asks what is your nearest DMR repeater, you can ‘try’ to put GB7MB, but as the repeater isn’t on-air yet its probably better to put  ‘GB7HM’- in N. Wales, (same site as GB3CR up on Hope Mountain) if you get a query, as the DMR-MARC network wont know us yet.

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  1. Hi, can you help, I am trying to gain access to swindons dmr repeater, I have been trying every site and no one is getting back to me with an ID I need to access the network, there is no body very helpful in and around Swindon, many thanks Derek M0BFA

  2. Hello i am trying to get a DMR-MARC id but i don’t have a call sign do i have to be a HAM radio operator to get one many thanks Andy.

  3. You can of course tune in and listen Andy – if you live near a DMR repeater and have a aeriel and the appropriate £6 USB freeview TV stick 🙂

  4. Hi
    for listening, no, it’s not needed, but for DMR and other digital networks, Yes, you will need to get a ID number, there are several ways to get an ID number, one way is to go to this website (linked below) and click the ‘User registration’ button, and just fill in the tiny amount of stuff they need, and they will email you an ID number back in a day or two 🙂

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