North America Mototrbo CPS 12 build 642 bug.

Motorola released a caveat for North American users of CPS_12 build 642..

Motorola issued a ‘Field service bulletin’ because there is a serious issue some users are experiencing where after writing back to the radio using CPS 12 build 642 you lose ability to PTT. not good.
It concerns subscriber units running the 2.4a and 2.4b, CP200d, CM200d, CM300d r01.01.11 and r01.01.20,and xpr 2500 3000, 7000 and 5000 with r02.40.11 and r02.40.20
The EMEA firmware 2.50.04 is said to be ok (so far) as for the CPS, I believe there is a bug fixed version coming soon for NA, and the same for EMEA .. so i hear on the grapevine.

Lets hope the same affliction doesn’t affect EMEA users when moving to MotoTRBO CPSv_12.. it does seem to me at times that the quality normally associated to the Motorola world doesn’t apply to the CPS or firmware, instead bugs are not uncommon in their releases which is a very poor show Moto.. we wish the bitware was as good as the hardware, hopefully public service equipment gets more thorough testing…

If you’ve any CPS 12 bugs to report, feel free to let us know, and once again, especially for Amateurs eager to jump to new CPS or firmware, if the firmware or CPS doesn’t offer any ‘must have’ features, think about why you’re ‘upgrading’ living with buggy firmware can be a pain for Radio Hammies, but could be life or death for commercial users, if you get afflicted you will need to rollback *if you can*, and not everyone has capability to do so either, so if it aint broke… don’t fix it.

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