IMPORTANT: poss firmware bug MotoTRBO 2.4 – random reboots in scan mode

It’s becoming apparent that there may be a firmware bug in MotoTRBO firmware 2.4 for Gen2 radios (DM4xx DP4xxx series) Obviously it will not show itself on all sets for all users, nor in the exact same way.

The error seems to show up as random reboots while the set is in scan mode – also unusual random flickering of the green RX LED is noticed too – suggestions that it may be connected to a mixed mode scan are still being tested by a number of UK Amateurs.     For what it’s worth, I would personally suggest if you notice these random reboots to perhaps comment on this site or on the UK Digital Amateurs Facebook Group or perhaps on the DMR Digital Mobile Radio page by Don VA3XPR or here on the excellent site and all-round place of knowledge a recent thread about it on the P25 forums 


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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this insight.
    I have the new 2.4 firmware installed and use mixed mode scanning on my DP4801, DM4601 and DM4600(HP) with no problems so far. I usually have at least one scanning most of the day at this time of year (yes, sad, I know!). I would like to hear from anyone though who has any post-update issues.

    I know it sounds boring and obvious but please make sure you do NOT update firmware via Bluetooth as NAP (Personal Area Network) can drop from the very first re-boot of several that happen during the update.

    • I have the problem too, but I found that if to disable the Audio Ambience to “Default” and don’t set to “Loud”. The problem will be solve. I already tested three days ago. That’s real and sure the firmware R2.4 have the bug for this issues.

      73 VR2YYV CHEERS

      • Hello VR2YYV – Thanks for writing in, i re-wrote the codeplugs on my mobile sets a couple of days ago and haven’t had the problem since, but i have set the radio as you suggest also so i shall watch this one with great interest.. possibly it’s a small bit of codeplug corruption when upgrading firmware.

        74’s Hax

    • I have three 4600s, and all are fine with 2.4 installed.

      Thanks for the info re audio ambience.

      Can you clarify which menu item you are talking about – I can’t find “audio ambience”


      • Hi Glenn,

        It was VR2YYV that mentioned Audio Ambiance not me but I guess I understood that to mean the Environment setting (Default/Loud/Work Group options) in the Audio Profile section of Motorola CPS.


        Roger G4MLB

  2. Hello Roger – Thanks for writing in, and I’m very glad to hear you’ve had no problems, it’s interesting to note your useage seems quite similar to mine, as i have the 48w 4600 also, (as do a couple of friends) and they seem to have had no issues either, my guess, as i keep mine on 24/7 may be that i seem to notice these little bugs, as i did in a previous version firmware.

    In some discussions, they seem to have cured it by re-writing the codeplug back into the set – something i will try tomorrow..

    Good point about bluetooth too.. not much fun having a corrupted codeplug in the sets, i even program using batteries – to minimise risk !

  3. I,m having the same problems after updating to the latest firmware and cps on both my dp4601 uhf and on my dm4600 where I get the random reboots and like everyone else it always happens while I,m in scan mode ? I haven’t tried changing the audio profile yet to see if this stops the problem but its def something Motorola have to address with a firmware fix asap !

    • The next firmware update wont be too far away really, but it can be alleviated by like u say, having an all digital scanlist (which isn’t much of an answer really) or switch the audio profiles to defaults. since doing this – i’ve not had a single reboot.Motorola really need to issue interim fixes for these duff firmwares – or test them a little more solidly. this is the 2nd firmware i had in the 4600 that was noticably buggy.

  4. It appears that some are having sucess with scan lists and simply removing and re-building scan lists seem to work.

    I’m looking after a few DM4600’s etc. and none have had an issue so can’t test this theory but re-doing a scan list isn’t a big job and probably worth a try.

  5. Yes some people have gone to the trouble and have written a whole new codeplug from scratch, others have simply re-written their existing codeplugs *back* to the set and cured the rebooting, and some have never seen the sets reboot at all, so all combined with a little judicious scanlist tweaking, and adjustments to the set’s audio settings, it seems there are plenty of things to try if you are getting random reboots.

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