Monday 9th Feb 2015 – UK Wide goes slot 1 only


On Monday, you might notice a little UK wide confusion … to be more precise, the keepers of almost all UK DMR-MARC connected repeaters have decided to carry only UK Wide TG 235 on slot 1 and drop UK Wide TG235 on slot 2.

GB7MB was an early adopter of this idea, because, as previously mentioned, it was seen shortly after GB7MB came on-air, that the system was unuseable for long periods, being unavailable to local users and giving the “Channel Busy” error, and then beeping at you annoyingly, because slot 2 was busy with non local traffic.   Absurd..

It is a little like keeping your front door open and letting anyone use your house regardless, while you try to carry on living there, you won’t get chance to sit in your own chair, make a cup of tea in your own kitchen, or sleep in your own bed at night, but you’ll still have to keep paying the bills….

As is often stated, GB7MB is here for us, the local users first and foremost, that’s it. anything else that DMR-MARC can offer, and that *may* be beneficial, like TG8 roaming, is great, but all that is all purely secondary to its primary function, if it adds features to GB7MB fine, if it hinders, well, you get the picture.

So go into your DM4600 DP4800 menu & change UK wide 235 to slot 1, or if you have not read our FPP article (shame on you) get your CPS or prgramming software out and change your UK wide TG 235 to slot 1 only…

Oh the picture ?  it’s just two slots..

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