NEWS: GB7MB Repeater: Update –

The GB7MB repeater group have started looking to purchase the required UHF Motorola DR3000 repeater. Sources indicate that GB7MB may indeed appear (in some form) on the 70cms band over the Christmas period.

When the license arrives, please do not expect GB7MB to be on-air immediately, nor available 24/7,  or with the full coverage footprint,  or with full DMR-MARC access,  as there will, of course be a testing period.

Requests to all Ham-friendly Motorola dealers for the purchase of the repeater, will be posted on the usual Facebook groups, most notably the UK Digital Amateurs and the GB7MB Repeater  Facebook pages.

The idea is to hold a ‘reverse auction’ by asking sellers to submit their best (lowest price) offer to us, via private message, and once the prospective offers are in, the GB7MB Repeater Group will take their decision,  and of course, all relevant news and info will appear here first 🙂
Watch this space.


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2 thoughts on “NEWS: GB7MB Repeater: Update –

  1. well Steve, all i will say is ‘what Santa doesn’t see, Santa doesn’t know .. and i hope nobody tells him — or another reindeer might have to ‘have an unfortunate accident’ 🙂

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