Programming up for GB7MB (again)

GB7MB frequencies are listed on the UK repeaters web site, and they’re here too.
The repeater transmits on 439.700 – and listens for you on 430.700.

Program your transceiver accordingly:
Transmit:        430.700
Receive on:      439.700
colour code:     1
Talkgroup :       9  only (for now)

For testing, we will use the standard DMR-MARC   ‘Local Talkgroup’, Talkgroup 9 slot 2,
and, until posted on the GB7MB Facebook GroupGB7MB’s Twitter feed and the GB7MB pages

We ask you to only use Talkgroup 9 for all operations until all Talkgroups are published in these places.

When on-air, please note No Private calls will be allowed. however, Text messaging is allowed


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  1. Minor Typo:

    RX should be set up on transceiver as 439.7000 by the way not 430.7000.

    Great job guys!


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