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  1. Morning. I have tried accessing ‘MB whilst passing on trains many times but no joy. Do you have the codeplug entries for ‘MB for a Motorola DP3600 because I will be in the Dalton area (on a mission of mercy) Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Reply is needed urgently please. I can e-mail what I have if you wish to see if there are any errors. Ta, Bill

  2. Transmit: 430.700
    Receive on: 439.700
    colour code: 1
    All colour code 1
    Timeslot 1
    TG 1 – Worldwide calling
    TG 2 – European QSOs
    TG 13 – Worldwide English Language QSOs
    TG 235 – UK wide
    Timeslot 2
    TG 8 – Roaming
    TG 9 – Local

    Hope that helps. If you need more info it is probably quicker to ask on our facebook group.

  3. Thanks. That’s exactly what I’ve had in the DP3600 from first programming. All updates contain the same info for ‘MB.

    By the way, wouldn’t it be a good idea if each UK DMR repeater posted their own codeplugs for their own repeaters for all the common makes of set in use? That way, each user can pick off the dope for the repeaters they want on their own radios. Reason I say this is that I spent hours upon hours “cleaning” up the entries on a code plug sent to me with horrendous spelling mistakes, transposed frequencies, wrong names, etc. If each repeater produced its own codeplug entries, they should all (theoretically) be right first time and any new additions can be preceded by a news item broadcast on all the usual places. Bill

    • Hi Bill,

      Apologies for the delay in answering, and i wonder if you have accesssed GB7MB yet ?
      although there are more DMR repeaters coming online aren’t there, we seem quite well served in the North west, so it’s quite possible you can get into one of the others if not into MB.

      I like the idea of each DMR repeater having a codeplug for download, when i gor my first DMR set a few years ago, i struggled to get answers, (or even replies in some cases) until I struck lucky with Andy and the Guys at GB7HM who helped enormously,

      We needed to make all details known, and i thought we would upload a couple, (they are still available on this site) indeed, feel free to check, update and modify them, swap stuff around, add or remove stuff, and re-upload them if you wish, a few folks kindly did just that and contributed, though traffic is somewhat low at the moment !

      I’ve published codeplugs for radio’s i dont have, but i was concerned that i could not test them, so i may have removed them or forot to upload them, as demand is pretty low, and there are other UK based areas to swap these, i do have a Motorola DP3600 also, so that may be of use to someone, but i only keep a minimal codeplug for it, it does need updating too, and time is rather at a premium for me at present, but i shall update and upload it when i am able.

      With codeplugs, i feel there is a pressing need to have a British central repository, and maybe a discussion area for it too, as adoption of DMR can be hindered by having to learn new software and learn and understand the terminology which is completely alien to digital newcomers, and Motorola CPS can get a bit complicated if you end up filling the codeplugs up with features etc.

      Repeater groups would have to make several versions of the same (or similar) codeplugs for all likely versions of the CPS used by it’s users, as not everyone who will download the codeplugs will be using the same CPS and / or firmware version, and codeplugs created with recent Motorola CPS often cannot be used with the previous CPS version ! – we have mother Motorola to thank for that one Bill..
      – why isn’t anything simple anymore i ask !

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