Motorola Waris charger – curing intermittent charge on HTN9000 style pods

This issue doesn’t just affect digital radios, but given the commonality of this style of charger I feel it’s worth a mention here.

I love Motorola gear, but sometimes the big M does do some stupid things. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I am assuming this was an attempt to counter the solder fatigue between PCB and charging contacts that occurred in some of the earlier chargers of this form factor.

Many readers may know of the charging problems that can happen if the battery / charger contacts are not kept clean, well, there is a third location that may sometimes need attention too

The top half of the charging pod with contacts on this HTN9000B charger connect to the PCB underneath via a set of pressure contacts rather than being soldered.

The symptom was intermittent starting of charge and occasional failure to complete the charge cycle.

Removal of three torx T8 screws allow the top to be removed. The PCB contacts were cleaned gently with a fibreglass pencil and then were cleaned again, this time with a cotton bud and some IPA.

If removing the PCB from the base, be careful with the plastic retaining clips, they are easily broken.

The top of the 680uF 16V capacitor adjacent to the DC input socket also looked a bit suspicious, like there had been some leakage. This was replaced as a precaution. athough there was no evidence of leakage on to the PCB, but hey, capacitors are cheap.   The removed item measured ~640uF.

– Motorious-