Tetra MTP850S GMLN5099 external aeriel connector

One of the main bugbears in many portable (not just Motorola) HTs is the inability to connect external aeriels
As I was experimenting with Tetra DMO my HT, a nice old MTP850 fug, needed the ability to be used on an external aeriel, and, because this is the UK, you have to order these exotic bits from abroad.

Despite one Guy telling me that is was his company making these MTP850S external aeriel adaptors right here in the UK, he seemed very careful to not mention where i could buy one, so I ended up having to buy one from Europe, adding several hundred carbon air-miles to my carbon footprint onto this simple item.

The GMLN5099 MTP850 external aeriel adaptor below is a simple object that does what it says, i had to buy this from Germany, but other sellers stock them and will post to the UK.

Firecom.NL for instance is more than happy to ship to the UK, It’s best emailing him though, but he has most of these odd and unusual Motorola bits that British dealers seem to know nothing about, you can’t even buy a MTP850 car kit in the UK, despite several dealers  listing them for sale online, certainly nobody seems to know anything much about any of this Tetra stuff.. ssshh.. it’s a secret !


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