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Ok, I know the photo is of a cellular phone mast, but The news is that Talkgroup 8 (slot 2) is now enabled on GB7MB, enabling users on neighbouring DMR-MARC repeaters to have their own ‘local’ group. This is usually called in your radios’ codeplug, TG 8 Roaming or TG 8 Regional – or variations thereof.  You may hear users from our friends GB7HM repeater in Caergywrie North Wales, or GB7PN Prestatyn  or GB7LP in Liverpool or GB7NM in Manchester.
This new Talkgroup 8 (slot 2) now, for us on GB7MB, takes pressure off the increasingly busier UK wide (TG 235)

In Use..
If the station you wish to communicate with is on either of those semi-local repeaters listed above, instead of using UK Wide, as you had to do before (tying up a slot on all UK repeaters) – you can now call them on the new TG8 roaming and leave UK Wide free for others who are speaking between repeaters who do not have roaming set up yet, and the only way for them to communicate is by using the (rather inefficient, but useful) UK wide talkgroup, which is now on slot 1 remember, almost all DMR-MARC repeaters nationwide from Monday 9th Feb onwards.

Remember that, like on any repeater talkgroup (except TG 9 local)  when you transmit, you are also simultaneously being broadcast through all repeaters that are on that talkgroup, on TG 8 roaming, that means you are being heard on GB7HM, GB7LP, GB7PN and GB7NM all at the same time, a little unusual if you are new to DMR-MARC, but remember this also allows a QSO from any or all these repeaters to listen or join in as they see fit.

Roaming, on compatible sets, is particularly useful for mobile operators wishing to stay in contact throughout their journey, while passing through several repeater coverage areas without switching channels, the radio does this automatically, based on which repeater it sees as strongest in your given location, for example while in range of GB7MB it all works as normal, you can be chatting to your friend on GB7PN (it’s TG8 remember..) and when you leave range of GB7MB, your radio will automatically switch you to the strongest repeater that it has identified (in its roaming list that you programmed in the CPS) which may be in our case, GB7HM or GB7NM or GB7LP – as you pass by those areas.
Programming your CPS to do this is not as tricky as it sounds, and it’s only slightly different between sets, more of which, will be coming in a later article.

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