Using QCII signalling to generate a 1750hz toneburst on a MotoTrbo set

It’s seldom needed these days, but there are still some repeaters requiring a 1750hz toneburst (remember those ?) here’s a trick i use to make my DM4600’s generate a 1750hz tone.. it’s pretty simple, so here’s a quick ‘How To’

No claims of originality are made for this tip, but it’s much more flexible than pre-programming a 5-tone signalling FM channel from the offing, as you’re stuck then, and this enables you to TX a 1750hz tone whatever FM freq you are on, and from within the DM4600’s menu, (or mic if you have the IMPRES mic) by easily sending a QC II signal – all we do here is set it to 1750hz

In the CPS – under signalling systems, find QC II – here i renamed mine to “QC1750”


in the right-hand column – here’s what i have it set as, it’s set at basically the defaults anyway.
It’s not too important anyway for our purposes..





Right, now scroll down to ” Contacts ”



I renamed it to 1750 – Then, in the right-hand pane, set it something like this – changing ‘ Tone A freq (hz) to 1750. There won’t be a valid QCII code for 1750, but so what ! You can decide what duration to set too, you can try short, i can’t remember why i chose long as it shows here,




i did this in 2013 so i don’t remember.

Anyway, now that’s done, check your work (and mine!) – and write your codeplug back.
All you need to do now to annoy people with 1750hz is to call up your DM4600/4800 menu.. go into “contacts”, then select “QCII” then “1750” and press buttons – you will see the spinny round thing on the menu, and the rig will TX a 1750hz tone burst

Apologies for any mistakes (if you see them,) and if it doesn’t work, blame my bad memory.


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  1. Hu and thanks for nice explonation

    But My I kindly ask-give more help-

    I try programme 2-tone\make roger beeb\-for DP4800

    I cant

    Can you pls expl or send screenshot -how and where change-make this 2 tone

    Thanks Regards UR5FPR Oleg

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