We will be at Blackpool NARSA next weekend

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Yes, we will be at Blackpool next weekend,  we may have a few items for sale, incuding some Motorola FM HTs and a (used but boxed) high power (48w) Motorola DM4600 with IMPRES mic amongst other bits and bobs, pop along and say Hi-

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2 thoughts on “We will be at Blackpool NARSA next weekend

  1. Is DMR still alive and kicking in this area? had the 3601 sat in the shack monitoring tac-9 nothing heard until battery went flat!

    1. Hi.
      Nope, DMR, like every Amateur frequency in the Morecambe Bay area is in a dismal state.
      The GB7MB, although on a poor antenna, is still online, but gets little to no use.
      GB7UZ in Lancaster is of-air and may not come back on air.
      Any local QSO’s are rare nowadays, we use and monitor 28.495 USB most of the time now.
      we also use P25 digital, and several MMDVM connected to the Morecambe Bay reflector.
      Ask G6CRV if you have P25 and a MMDVM there, or fire up on 28.495 USB

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